This spell was written into Book of Shadows by an unknown witch of the Warren Line. The spell was created to vanquish evil spirits, but requires the caster to be a spirit as well. For this reason, there is a potion with the spell that stops the heart.

Prue Halliwell used the potion and the spell to vanquish a spirit named Jackson Ward and was successfully revived by Andy Trudeau with CPR. Piper Halliwell used the spell to vanquish two spirits from WWII after one stabbed her, though she was healed by Leo before she could move on. Chris Halliwell used the spell to vanquish the spirit of Holly Wilson after his heart was stopped with a defibrillator, though he was succesfully revived with CPR by Sarah.

The SpellEdit

Ashes to ashes,
Spirit to spirit
Take his/her soul,
Banish this evil

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