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"But she accepted it. She learned to accept it in our lives. Without magic, she would have never met dad, and none of us would have been born. Magic brings as much joy as it brings pain, like any other part of life."
Chris Halliwell

Four Witches and a Funeral is an independent story that takes place in the year 2027, placing it two years before the start of the Legacy Series. It is focused on Melinda Halliwell.

Plot DescriptionEdit

Timeline: the year 2027

Melinda Halliwell struggles with the magical secret she has to keep from her boyfriend Ryan. Meanwhile Chris hunts down a warlock who is killing witches for their powers, unaware that his sister Melinda is on the top of his list.


Returning Characters
Introducing Characters

Magical NotesEdit

Spells UsedEdit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The title is a reference to the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral". It refers to the four wiches targeted by Anders and the funeral of Piper.
    • The title was chosen because Anders was supposed to target four witches, Matt, Diane, a third witch and finally Melinda. The third witch was removed from the story to speed it up, though Piper can be considered the fourth target.
  • Melinda attempted to use the same spell Phoebe once used to reach Cole in the Demonic Wasteland to find Ryan. However, it failed.
  • The spell created to vanquish Anders is based on the one written for Eames.
  • It is revealed that Patty and Victor reunited in the afterlife.
  • Coop was able to help Melinda find Ryan by channeling their shared love.
  • Wyatt is not prominently featured in this story because he is away at college.
  • Piper is killed in this story. This has a major impact on her family and sets up several key elements in the Legacy Series.
  • In conversation with Melinda, Anders hinted that he knew more about the true origin of both witches and warlocks and mentioned that the Elders favored witches. The true meaning of this has not yet been revealed.
  • By killing Piper, Anders became the second being to destroy The Power of Three, the first being Shax.

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Preceded by:
The Once and Future Evil
Story Overview Followed by:
Legacy 101: Endings and Beginnings

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