Force Field Generation is the ability to create barriers of energy that can be used to protect or contain those inside and repel enemies and magical attacks. It is also referred to as Shielding. This ability is initially triggered by fear or as an instinctive response to danger.

Usage and StrengthEdit


Wyatt shielding Piper.

Force Fields can be used for various purposes. It is primarily used as a defensive mechanism to fend off enemies and magical attacks. These fields can also be used to repel or contain enemies by pushing them back or trapping them inside.

The strength of a Force Field depends on the user. When the field sustains damage or is under a high amount of pressure, users can become weakened and lose control. The strength of a field also depends on the amount of focus the user puts into it. When a user loses concentration, their field will weaken or be disrupted, allowing others to break through.

Force Fields can also be drained of their power through certain powers, spells or cursed objects. Gideon once cursed an athame to disrupt Wyatt's force field when he tried to kill him. During these attempts, he was also able to orb the field to another location by establishing contact with it.

Types of Force FieldsEdit


The Greek Goddesses forming a shield.

Energy FieldsEdit

The most common form of Force Fields is generated from kinetic or magical energy. These fields usually consist of transparent blue energy. These fields protect or contain those inside. Some of these fields can also repel enemies if touched.

Electric FieldsEdit

Another form of Force Fields is generated by electricity. This type of force field can electrocute those contained or repelled. These fields are often invisible unless touched, at which point they zap those in contact with it. This form is possessed by the Elders, as well as the Woogyman when it took control of the Nexus.

Related PowersEdit


The ability to generate Force Fields may develop from Telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects and beings with the mind. Users become able to channel kinetic energy into a protective barrier.

Telekinetic OrbingEdit

Similar to Telekinesis, the ability to generate Force Fields may also develop from Telekinetic Orbing. Wyatt Halliwell has possessed this power since he was in the womb, which he used to protect his mother from harm.

Notable UsersEdit

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