Familiars are enchanted creatures who guide new witches and protect them while they learn the craft. They remain in the lives of their charges as long as they are needed, before moving on to a new charge.

Familiars fulfill a similar role to Whitelighters, as they both protect and guide their charges. Familiars generally do not associate themselves with evil, though the evil witch Tuatha did have a snake serving as her familiar.



The Charmed Ones had a familiar cat named Kit, which once protected another witch named Serena until she was murdered by a warlock. Kit remained with the sisters for about three years and shortly watched over Paige Matthews before moving on. She was eventually rewarded for her work and turned into a human, taking the name Katrina, and continued looking after other Familiars.


A familiar named Shadow once betrayed it's charge and became a warlock. He then sought to shed his nine lives in order to become immortal, though he was vanquished by the sisters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers

  • Sensing: is the ability to determine the location and status of other beings by concentrating on them. Familiars can sense presence of evil. While protecting the Charmed Ones, Kit was able to see a warlock in his invisible astral form.


  • Charmed, season 1-3
  • Charmed, season 5 "Cat House"

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