Fairy Dust is a magical substance created by Fairies in the Enchanted Kingdom. The dust has several magical properties, allowing it to be used for various purposes.


The use of Fairy Dust can have the following effects;

  • When the dust is inhaled by adult humans, they revert to a child-like state and become able to see Fairies.
  • The dust can be used to magically hide one's presence and activities from others. Leo Wyatt used the dust to cloak the Elders during the attack of the Titans.
  • The dust can be used to alter the size of objects and beings.
  • The dust can be used to transform one thing into another. A group of Trolls once transformed a young girl into a Fairy, while Tess used it to become human.

Pixie DustEdit

Pixie Dust is an altered version of Fairy Dust that is sold as a drug. It causes hallucinations, which can become violent if mixed with other substances.

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