Excalibur was the legendary sword of King Arthur. It was a powerful magical blade that could only be wielded successfully by those who are destined and granted the wielder invincibility. The first wielder was King Arthur, who was given the sword by the Lady of the Lake. Upon his death, the sword was returned to the lake to keep it safe until the next wielder was born.



The blade was wielded by King Arthur during his rule in Camelot. He used the blade to fight Morrigan and her demons and could use it to enleash powerful Energy Blasts. In the final battle, Lancelot used the blade to kill the evil sorceress. As Arthur lay dying, he told his friend to bring the blade to safety. Knowing about the legend of the lake, Lancelot took the blade there and threw it in, causing the Lady of the Lake to catch it.

Sword and the CityEdit

The sword resurfaced in 2003, shortly after Wyatt was born. The Lady of the Lake called out to the Charmed Ones to keep the sword save from demons who tried to claim it. The sword then cut stuck in a stone accidentally, causing all magical beings to appear and try to set it free. Eventually it was Piper who drew the sword from the stone.

538px-Wyatt tk orbs excalibur 2

Wyatt wielding Excalibur

It was later revealed that Piper was not the next wielder, but that she was merely the next Lady of the Lake. The evil sorcerer Mordaunt betrayed her and took the sword for himself, only to lose the sword to Wyatt, who used it to vanquish the sorcerer. Piper then placed the sword back in the stone and promised to hide it until Wyatt was at least eighteen.

The Once and Future EvilEdit

In 2015, Piper reclaimed the sword from a lake in order to save her son from becoming evil. She was told by the Angel of Destiny that using the sword was the only way to stop the evil within Wyatt without taking her son's life. Piper used Excalibur to stab Wyatt, stripping him of his powers, and then used the sword to vanquish his evil future counterpart. The sword was destroyed in the process, leaving nothing but its hilt.


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