1x22 Energy Ball

Energy Balls are spheres of magical energy that resemble electrical discharges. The ability to throw Energy Balls is possessed by many demons and certain witches. It is considered an evil power, as it is triggered by anger and primarily used to kill.


Energy Balls are primarily used to kill other beings. Most victims of this power, including mortals, lower-level witches and demons, are instantly killed through electrocution or incineration. Beings possessing high resistance to harm may only be injured or incapacitated. When used on objects, they can shatter, combust or ignite.

Energy Balls can be redirected or deviated by powers such as Telekinesis and Telekinetic Orbing. They can also be redirected through reflective surfaces and metal.

Notable UsersEdit


  • Energy Balls are generally blue, but some demons have been shown throwing red Energy Balls. Tribal Demons possess the ability to throw green Energy Balls.
  • Energy Balls are mostly considered demonic, however, witches such as the Phoenix and the Montana and Callaway families also possess this power. The Phoenix possess this power naturally due to their ambiguous nature, while the Montana and Callaway families obtained this power through power trading.

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