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Chosen Chapter 13: From the Deep

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Chosen Chapter 15: We Have History

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Firass Dirani

"My magic can preserve us and the tower until our city can be saved. We must have faith that the other great cities will come to our rescue."
—Emyr to his people.

Emyr is the wizard prince of Atlantis. He is currently trapped as a statue after saving his people from the island's destruction.


Early LifeEdit

While growing up, Emyr had the same etiquette tutor as Faiza, who was training to become a royal counselor. During this time, Faiza developed a crush on the prince, though she knew nothing could ever happen due to her not being of noble birth.

Shortly before the destruction of Atlantis, Queen Cressida sought to find a suitable bride for Emyr and organized many dinners with potential noble girls. Emyr resented the dinners, as he wanted to marry out of love instead of obligation.

When Violet Morgan and Arthur Cobbs traveled to the past for answers, Faiza arranged a meeting with the prince. They revealed the coming destruction of Atlantis and wanted to learn how to free the petrified wizards in the future. Emyr was shaken by this revelation and considered altering the timeline to save his city. However, he eventually realized he could not alter destiny and gave Arthur the information he needed. Emyr and Faiza then took memory potions to make them forget what they had learned.

Destruction of AtlantisEdit

In ancient times, Atlantis was the most advanced cities in the world. In order to share their knowledge, the wizards invited witches to come to the city. Ambrose warned the wizards it was a bad idea, as he felt witches could never be their equal, but the royal family disagreed. Ambrose confronted Emyr about this fact, through Emyr dismissed his warning and told him to leave.

The witches were educated in an academy, until they accidentally tapped into a dark power they could not control. As the dark magic destroyed the island, Emyr used his magic protect his people by turning them to stone. He then used his magic to shield the tower and turned to stone as well, hoping the other cities would rescue them.


When Ambrose rose Atlantis from the bottom of the sea, the preserved statues of Emyr and his people were revealed to still be intact. Ambrose recognized the prince and Bryant was able to sense something about the statues. Arthur also realized they were not ordinary statues. When Ambrose was defeated, Arthur began searching for a way to free them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Powers

Active Powers

  • Spiralization: The ability to teleport through swirling blue spirals.
  • Geokinesis: The ability to manipulate the earth itself. Emyr was able to repair and strengthen the walls of a tower to protect his people. When he was angered, the ground would begin to tremble.
    • Petrification: The ability to turn objects and beings to stone through a look or touch.

Passive Powers

  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to physical and magical harm.
  • Immortality: The ability to possess a possibly infinite lifespan and an arrested aging process.


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