Ectoplasm Manipulation, also known as Plasma Manipulation, is the ability to generate and manipulate ectoplasm to various effects.

Types of ManipulationEdit

Ectoplasmic WebbingEdit

The ability to fire strings or webs of green ectoplasm. Scavenger Demons can fire these strings from their palms. These demons use their webbing to hide in high places and gather remains of other demons to feed on. The webbing is very elastic and quite strong, capable of carrying the weight of an adult.

Plasma BallsEdit


The ability to throw spheres of ectoplasm that can harm others and are potentially lethal. These balls resemble Energy Balls. This ability is possessed by certain spirits and by Creeper Demons.

Ectoplasm SpheresEdit

The ability to form large spheres of ectoplasm, which can be used to trap spirits. These spheres resemble a silvery liquid rippling like water. Creeper Demons can form these spheres to trap spirits to feed on. However, they must maintain the sphere at all times. When their connection is severed, the sphere will shatter and the spirits will be freed.

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