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Dark blond

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The Underworld


Bartender at P3



Character information
First appearance

Legacy 114: P3 Times a Lady

Last appearance

Legacy 115: Saving Grace

Portrayed by

Shaun Sipos

"Even a powerful sorceress like yourself cannot do everything alone. Your enslaved minions can only do so much. You need a right hand. One who can think for himself."
—Dominik to the Morrigan.

Dominik is a low-level demon who offered his services to the Morrigan, hoping to rise in power along with her.


Seeking to join the ranks of the Morrigan, Dominik and his friend Kovar went to her lair to offer their services. The sorceress agreed to listen to their proposal, but soon vanquished Kovar for his rudeness and violent outburst. Dominik feared for his own life, but Morrigan decided to spare him and soon discovered he was immune to her luring. Interested by this, Morrigan have him a chance to prove himself by infiltrating the lives of the Halliwells to find a way to destroy them.

Dominik quickly found his way into the lives of the cousins by getting hired as a bartender for the reopened P3 run by Penny Halliwell. He quickly began observing the Halliwells, learning all he could.

Heart of Darkness Edit

Seeing an opportunity to turn one of the Halliwells evil, Morrigan had Dominik deliver a potion from her grimoire known as the Heart of Darkness to the warlock Luke.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers

  • Shredding: The ability to teleport by dispersing one's molecules and reassembling elsewhere.
  • Blood Boiling: The ability to increase the temperature of blood, causing extreme pain and eventual death.


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