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This powerful spell was cast by the warlock Bacarra to move the entire city of San Francisco through dimensions. The spell required the blood of an innocent mortal to work.

When cast, the spell caused pillars of fire to erupt from the ground, which then caused the clouds to turn into a violent storm and spread darkness across the sky. The entire city was then surrounded in a shadow-like dome that prevented all forms of communication or transportation.

It was later revealed that the spell literally moved the city outside of space and time, preventing even the most powerful beings, such as the Angels of Destiny from interfering. Additionally, the spell also prevented spirits from moving on. It was linked to the members of the Brotherhood, thus ending it once all members were vanquished.

The SpellEdit

"With innocent blood, the forces of evil invoke,
Engulf this city in eternal night’s cloak
Shackles of space and time, we seek destroyed,
To move this city through the dimensional void
Banish these grounds from mortal domain,
To bring endless darkness and eternal reign

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