Darryl Morris
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Family information
  • Mikey Morris
  • Darryl Morris Jr.

Police Lieutenant


Married to Sheila Morris

Character information
First appearance

Something Wicca This Way Comes

Last appearance

Something Wicca This Way Goes...?

Portrayed by

Dorian Gregory


Darryl Morris was a mortal inspector for the San Francisco Police Department. He is married to Sheila Morris and the father of their two sons. He is currently living on the East Coast with his family.


Darryl was the partner and friend of Andy Trudeau. Shortly after Andy was killed by the demon Rodriguez, Darryl became close friends with the Halliwell sisters and was eventually informed of their magical secret. Since then he helped the sisters on numerous occasions and they returned the favor when needed.

Darryl was eventually promoted to lieutenant. However, he then had a falling out with the sisters after he was framed for murder and nearly received the death penalty when the Cleaners altered events to prevent magic from being exposed. The sisters managed to prevent this from happening, but the relationship was severely strained. Darryl  then reluctantly worked with inspector Sheridan, who was suspicious of the sisters and wanted to expose them. 

Around the same time, Sheila had been pushing Darryl to move to the East Coast. However, shortly before he left the city, he helped the sisters one last time when the demon Zankou took over the manor and their secret was exposed. When the sisters vanquished Zankou and faked their own deaths, Darryl realized they were still alive and moved away with his family assured that they would be alright.


  • Charmed, all seasons except season 8.

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