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San Francisco


College student


Dating Nick Ross (formerly)

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Little Box of Horrors

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Chosen Chapter 15: We Have History

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Shani Pride

"Formerly evil or not, that Nick is just too yummy to ignore."
—Darcy to Billie and Hope.[src]

Darcy is a mortal college student at Berkeley University. She is the best friend of Hope, the current Guardian of Pandora's Box, and is aware of magic.


Darcy was best friends with Hope when she became the next guardian of Pandora's Box. She was kidnapped and later impersonated by a demon named Katya in an attempt to manipulate Hope. After she was saved by Paige, Darcy gave Hope the confidence she needed to recall the sorrows.

Chosen Edit

Along with Hope, Darcy attended the housewarming party of the Chosen. She was the first to be taken by the demon Valefar but was later saved. She became attracted to Nick Ross and later agreed to get a cup of coffee with him.

Darcy and Nick continued dating, though Nick also began a sexual relationship with Billie. The two developed feelings for each other, though Billie would not take Nick seriously unless he broke up with Darcy. After his visit to the past, Nick decided to no longer deny his feelings and broke up with Darcy.

Possession Edit

While getting coffee with Hope, Darcy ran into Billie and Nick on a date and angrily confronted them about their cheating. While going home, Darcy fought with Hope and her negative emotions attracted a poltergeist, which possessed her. Her friends worked with two Witch Doctors to expel and vanquish the poltergeist to save her life.

Darcy later went to The Cauldron and said that while she was not able to forgive Billie and Nick yet, she didn't want her negativity to control her life and was willing to try. She then went to get a drink with Brandon Miles, one of the Witch Doctors who helped save her.