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Bringing destined lovers together


Married to Phoebe Halliwell



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Engaged and Confused

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Legacy 107: Soul Searching

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Victor Webster


Coop is a Cupid, an angelic being that brings destined lovers together. One of his charges was Phoebe Halliwell, whom he fell in love with. While they originally believed that their love was forbidden, it was eventually revealed that Coop had been sent to Phoebe to so they could fall in love. Coop and Phoebe eventually got married and had three daughters, Prue, Penny and Payton Halliwell, the first Cupid-Witch hybrids in existence.


Early LifeEdit

Meeting PhoebeEdit

Having Children and Getting MarriedEdit

Chosen Edit

A manifestation of Coop appeared before Billie during her vision quest.

Later LifeEdit

In "Four Witches and a Funeral", Coop used the true love connection between Melinda and Ryan to sense his location after he was kidnapped.

In "Legacy", Coop supported Phoebe in her decision to promote her latest book on a nation-wide tour and decided to go with her. When the Spirit of Rage Darius infected the family with Rage, Coop and Leo realized something was wrong and tried to stop the fighting. He later mediated between Phoebe and their daughters to help them accept Phoebe's decision and helped Phoebe accept that her daughters were old enough to take of themselves. Coop and Phoebe later left for New York to start the tour.

After Phoebe discovered the son she had with Cole had survived, Coop kept supporting and loving her unconditionally.However much as he tried to support his wife, he was struggling to accept it. When Phoebe's tour took them to Miami, two of their daughters Prue and Penny visited them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Active Powers

  • Beaming: The ability to teleport through a pink light originating from the heart.
  • Empathy: The ability to sense the emotions of other beings. Coop used his empathy to unblock Phoebe's heart, allowing her to trust in love again.
  • Sensing: The ability to determine the location and status of other beings by concentrating on them.

Passive Powers

  • Immortality: The ability to possess a possibly infinite lifespan and an arrested aging process.

Cupid Ring

  • Temporal Stasis: The ability to stop or slow the flow of time. Cupids can slow down time in a limited area.
  • Suggestion: The ability to plant feelings, thoughts and ideas into the mind of another
  • Time Travel: The ability to travel through time. Cupids can visit the past loves of their charges.
  • Hologram Projection: The ability to project light-based images in various shapes and sizes based on imagination or memories.
  • Body Insertion: The ability to physically transfer a person into another body.