Conjuration is the ability to draw objects and beings into existence from nothing. It can be used to create objects from the imagination or replicate objects seen before. This power is triggered by the imagination and its limits depend on the user's creativity.

The effects of Conjuration can also be achieved through spell casting or similar abilities such as Projection.

Usage and StrengthEdit

The power and limits of conjuration are dependent on the user. It can be used to conjure weapons such as baseball bats and crossbows. Conjuration can also be used to conjure living matter. The Magic School student Herman was able to conjure an apple, while Duncan once used this to conjure Lady Godiva, her horse and a demon from a textbook in combination with a spell.

List of UsersEdit


  • Apportation, which is the ability to teleport objects from one location to another, is often mistaken for Conjuration.

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