"You cannot defeat me. I will have my revenge. The crown is mine."
—Cinderhella to Payton.[src]

Cinderhella is a fictional character from a slasher movie, which is considered a classic because the antagonist is a rare female serial killer. She is a disfigured woman in a prom dress. She is brought to life by Barbas based on a nightmare of Payton Halliwell.


When their party plans fell through, Payton and Henry Jr. decided to watch a horror movie in the manor. Payton actually found it pretty scary and later had a nightmare about Cinderhella when she fell asleep. When Barbas appeared at the manor, he read her fear and brought it to life. When Payton woke up, she was attacked by Cinderhella.

Payton was found by her cousins the next day and was unharmed, leading her cousins to believe it was just a nightmare. When Payton was back home, she decided take a shower and was once again attacked by Cinderhella, who slashed her arm before disappearing.

Cinderhella was later summoned by Barbas along with Slappy to attack Payton and Henry Jr. After trapping them in the bathroom, Henry was able to overpower her and stabbed her with her own blade before pushing her off the stairs. However, she returned once again and trapped the cousins in the attic. With a little help from Prue, they then realized that only they could defeat their own fears by facing them. Payton then stood up to Cinderhella and destroyed her by stepping on her crown.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • During her appearance, Cinderhella kept quoting lines from her movie as if she was still in it.
  • Cinderhella is a fictional movie within the movie Detention, which stars Josh Hutcherson, whose appearance is used for Henry Mitchell Jr.


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