07x09 Chronokinesis

Chronokinesis is the ability to manipulate time in all directions. This power can be used to accelerate, slow or stop the flow of time, reverse time or travel through it.

It is a rare ability possessed by powerful magical beings. One of the triggers is frustration, so inexperienced users must contain their emotions to avoid using it by accident. Dependent on the user, this power may affect a small area and could possibly affect time worldwide.

Related ConceptsEdit

Time TravelEdit

Time Travel is the ability to travel through time, both to the past and the future. Time Travel can be achieved through individual powers, spells, potions and magical portals. The mechanics of traveling through time depend on the manner used and whether users travel to the past or future.

The Charmed Ones have traveled through time on several occasions. When they traveled to the past, they lost their magical powers because they either did not exist yet or their powers were possessed by younger versions of themselves. When they traveled to the future, they inhabited the bodies of their future counterparts.

Temporal StasisEdit

Temporal Stasis is the ability to stop or slow the flow of time. The Angels of Destiny possess the power to stop time worldwide. Cupids can use this power through their rings and use it to slow down time around their charges to influence them. Violet Morgan also possesses this ability, though her power is limited to a small area.

Time LoopsEdit

Time Loops are loops in time, causing a certain period of time to be repeated over and over again until the loop is broken. Victims caught in a loop are usually unaware, through they may become aware as the cycle continues. Psychics who are trapped in a loop may become aware sooner than others.

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