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"I had a dream about an empty grave. But it felt like more than a dream. I am afraid someone is going to die."

Chosen Chapter 7: City of Darkness is the seventh chapter of the Chosen Series.

Plot DescriptionEdit

Timeline: early 2008

Trapped and isolated from the rest of the world, the Chosen and their closest allies and friends prepare to go to war against the Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Billie fights a personal battle and Violet fears someone she cares about will die.


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Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The title is a reference to the entire city of San Francisco being moved outside of space and time, which manifests as a dome of shadows and eternal night inside.
  • Nine days have passed since the previous story.
  • The final confrontation between the Chosen and the Brotherhood takes place and all members of the Brotherhood and their intentions are finally revealed.
  • Duncan develops a new power.
  • It is revealed that time-based and psychic powers don't fuction properly outside of time and space. Additionally, spirits cannot move on and even the Angels of Destiny cannot interfere.
  • Many characters from Charmed and previous Chosen stories return.
  • It is mentioned in this story that Phoebe has given birth to her first daughter and that Piper is pregnant again.
  • Several characters note that Tyler has grown up a lot. Billie nicknamed him "Johnny Bravo" and Hope referred to him as a "life-sized ken-doll".
  • A potential new threat to the Chosen is introduced.
  • Klea repeats the line about Whitelighters being messy, first stated by Cole Turner in the episode "Magic Hour".

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