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"You received our gift. It was a mere accident, but you were bitten and you show great potential. If you truly accept out gift, you can join me and my children and rise to power with the Brotherhood."

Chosen Chapter 3: Under the Full Moon is the third chapter of the Chosen Series.

Plot DescriptionEdit

Timeline: late 2007

Duncan is attacked by a strange beast and deals with the effects of being scratched by it. Meanwhile Violet struggles with her love life and Billie meets a mysterious detective that is investigating wild animal attacks while keeping some secrets of his own.


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Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The title is a reference to the Full Moon, under which Wendigos transform.
  • The story bears similarities to the episode "The Wendigo".
  • Jake Porter, a Witch Hunter and inspector is introduced.
  • Arthur Cobbs, a Wizard and Magic School teacher, is introduced.
  • It is revealed that Violet has developed a crush on Duncan, though he is forced to let her down by revealing that he is gay.
  • It is revealed that Violet has never had a boyfriend.
  • Romulus' plan was to gain full control of his transformation, as he no longer wanted Wendigos to be considered wild beasts.
  • Billie gains Levitation in this chapter.
  • There is a continuity error in this story, as it is mentioned that Violet enters Magic School for the first time. She was actually there for the first time in "Chosen, A New Chapter".

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