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Chosen Chapter 14: Past and Present Danger is the fourteenth chapter of the Chosen Series.

Plot DescriptionEdit

Timeline: early 2009

When Violet asks her friends for help in discovering the truth about her adoption, she learns that she and the twins have a common link in their past. Meanwhile, the Chosen are contacted by agent Murphy when the mayor plans to unleash a deadly virus that targets magical beings.


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Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The title is a reference to novel and film "Clear and Present Danger".
  • This story picks up the virus plot of the Season 8 episode "Hulkus Pocus".
  • The pasts of Violet and the Ross twins are revealed in this chapter. Violet also discovers what her true destiny is.
  • Through training, Duncan has developed a new aspect of his powers.
  • When Billie explains about the virus, she mentions super soldiers and hulking out, at which point Nick remarks that it sounds too comic bookish. This a reference to Captain America and the Hulk from Marvel comics.
  • Agent Murphy makes a reference to the "Mission Impossible" film series. He also makes a reference to "James Bond" by calling Billie "Moneypenny".
  • Duncan makes a reference to Doctor Who by referring to Violet as a Time Lord.

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