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"I don't know him personally, but Gideon once tried to take my brother and me to Magic School. Looks like we have something from our past in common."
Nathan to Violet.

Chosen Chapter 14: Past and Present Danger is the fourteenth chapter of the Chosen Series.

Plot DescriptionEdit

Timeline: early 2009

When Violet asks her friends for help in discovering the truth about her adoption, she learns that she and the twins have a common link in their past. Meanwhile, the Chosen are contacted by agent Murphy when the mayor plans to unleash a deadly virus that targets magical beings.


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Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The title is a reference to novel and film "Clear and Present Danger".
  • This story picks up the virus plot of the Season 8 episode "Hulkus Pocus".
  • The pasts of Violet and the Ross twins are revealed in this chapter. Violet also discovers what her true destiny is.
  • Through training, Duncan has developed a new aspect of his powers.
  • When Billie explains about the virus, she mentions super soldiers and hulking out, at which point Nick remarks that it sounds too comic bookish. This a reference to Captain America and the Hulk from Marvel comics.
  • Agent Murphy makes a reference to the "Mission Impossible" film series. He also makes a reference to "James Bond" by calling Billie "Moneypenny".
  • Duncan makes a reference to Doctor Who by referring to Violet as a Time Lord.

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