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"With the Charmed ones having fulfilled their destiny, a new force of good was needed. Therefore the Angels of Destiny decided to grant each of you a new destiny, becoming a part of the Chosen, a new force of good witches. You were all chosen because you are special and we know you have great potential."

Chosen, A New Chaper is the first chapter of the Chosen Series. It takes place one year after The Closing Chapter.

Plot DescriptionEdit

Timeline: late 2007

After living a year as a normal girl, Billie discovers she has a new destiny. Meanwhile a demon is killing people around her college. With help from Paige and Mikelle, Billie has to find two other witches and begin her new destiny.


Returning Characters
Introducing Characters

Magical NotesEdit

Spells UsedEdit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The title "A New Chapter" is a reference to a new chapter in Billie's life.
  • Billie regains her powers through a spell about a year after stripping them to stop Christy in The Closing Chapter.
  • Billie, Duncan and Violet accept a new destiny as The Chosen.
  • Billie using Telekinesis on a liquid is a reference to Prue doing to the same thing in "Out of Sight", both used it to vanquish a Grimlock.
  • Under advice of Sandra, Paige steps down as Billie's whitelighter and Mikelle becomes the Whitelighter of The Chosen.
  • While dicussing Lady Godiva, whom Duncan summoned in "The Bare Witch Project", he attempts to inform the others that he is gay, though he is interrupted before he could finish.
  • Violet learning of her powers makes her wonder about her biological parents for the first time, something she had not done before since she was happy with her adoptive parents.

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The Closing Chapter
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Chosen Chapter 2: The Firestarter

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