Carson Meyer
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Las Vegas


Owner of the Three Wishes Casino

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Chosen Chapter 9: Viva Las Witches

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Timothy Olyphant

"Sign it and you get one more chance. You could be a very rich man, or have nothing at all. It is the deal of a lifetime."
—Carson to one of his clients.

Carson Meyer was the manager of the Three Wishes Casino and the former master of Sahara, a Genie. It was through her wishes that he created the casino, where he collected and auctioned souls of the people who lost at his games. His current status is unknown, as he was dragged off by a former demonic client.


Carson grew up believing the world was a cruel place and that he needed to be just as cruel to succeed. When he was broke and had nothing to lose, he decided to gamble his soul and managed to win a Genie from a demon in poker. He then carefully strategized his wishes to achieve what he wanted without unwanted consequences. He created the Three Wishes as his own little paradise. To keep demons at bay, he started auctioning souls to keep them content.

When the twins Nick and Nathan Ross attempted to rob his casino by cheating, he took them captive and added them to his staff as slaves. However, the twins managed to telepathically call out for help to Duncan Phillips. He and convinced his friends to help save them and find out what was going on.

Carson later captured the Chosen and Jake Porter and placed them in his dungeon. He planned to auction them off, but they escaped and vanquished his army of demons. They then overpowered him and Billie took the Genie bottle. She undid his wishes, freeing the people and destroying the casino. A furious Carson then attempted to shoot her, though Jake pushed her out of the way and was shot instead. Billie then used her final wish to save him, which resulted in Sahara being freed and Jake becoming a Genie instead.

While the Chosen wondered what to do with Carson, a blue horned demon appeared and claimed Carson for himself, as he would not be able to supply the souls he had promised. Carson was then dragged off screaming.


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