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Carl and Helen Jenkins
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Mr. & Mrs. Witch

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Chosen Chapter 8: The Trial of Billie Jenkins

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David Starzyk and Barbara Niven


Carl and Helen Jenkins were the parents of Christy and Billie Jenkins. They were both mortal, though their daughters inherited the magical gene from Helen's mother, making them witches.


Christy's AbductionEdit

When Christy was seven and Billie five years old, a demon entered their bedroom at night and kidnapped Christy as a part of the Triad's long-term plan to destroy the Charmed Ones. Carl and Helen did everything is their power to keep looking for her, however, they tried not to involve Billie and give her a normal childhood. This eventually caused Billie to suppress the memories of the kidnapping and made her think her parents didn't care about what had happened.


When Carl and Helen came to San Francisco to have dinner with Billie and the Charmed Ones, Billie confronted them about Christy, having recently regained her memories of the kidnapping. However, Billie had also unknowingly gained the power of Projection and accidentally turned her parents into assassins. She eventually restored them to normal and her parents told her that they never gave up on Christy.

After Billie had found Christy, Carl and Helen returned to reunite with their lost daughter. During this time, the Triad arranged to have both of them killed by demons to further manipulate Billie and Christy. However, Christy angrily vanquished the last Triad member when she found out. Carl and Helen never found out Christy was evil.


Two years after their death, Billie visited her parents' grave. She met Mikelle there and realized she needed to tell her new friends about her troubled past.

A manifestation of Carl and Helen appeared before Billie during her vision quest.


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