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Capturing demonic children with the Ice Cream Truck



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We All Scream for Ice Cream

Last appearance

Chosen Chapter 12: The Curious Case of Duncan Phillips

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Paul Wittenburg

"That was for wrecking my ice cream truck."
—Caleb to Rex.

Caleb is a mortal destined to drive a magical vehicle known as the Ice Cream Truck, which houses an entity known as the Nothing in a pocket dimension. The truck plays a magical melody that lures demonic children, after which they are sucked inside and destroyed by the Nothing.


Becoming the Ice Cream ManEdit

When the Charmed Ones encountered the truck in 2001, they unknowingly freed a group of demonic children because they thought the ice cream man was evil. The sisters later worked with their father to trap them once again, though the ice cream man sacrificed himself so Prue and Victor could escape the Nothing. It was then revealed that Caleb was destined to replace him and he took over the truck.

Meeting the ChosenEdit

A few years later, Caleb was pursuing demonic children who wanted to their father Pazuzu from a magical amulet by capturing young witches. When he was badly injured during a confrontation, Caleb asked the Chosen for help and was healed by Gretchen. When the Chosen set a trap for the demons, they managed to destroy the truck and escape. Caleb later assisted in defeating the children by preventing Rex from escaping and returned the young witches home. The following day, he repaired the truck and was sent after more demons by the Elders.


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