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Still Charmed and Kicking

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Billie Jenkins is a powerful witch, the daughter of Carl and Helen Jenkins and the younger sister of Christy. She is a member of the Chosen alongside Duncan Phillips and Violet Morgan. Having been trained by the Charmed Ones, she is the most experienced fighter of the three.


Early LifeEdit


Billie the night Christy was taken.

Billie was born to Helen and Carl Jenkins as their second daughter. Her sister Christy and Billie were both witches with latent genes, as their parents were both mortals. They inherited their magic from their maternal grandmother. Billie had a normal and happy childhood until Christy was kidnapped when Billie was five. While her parents kept looking for Christy, they did their best not to involve Billie and give her a normal childhood. This eventually caused Billie to suppress the memories of the kidnapping.


Billie the demon hunter

Billie discovered her magic when she was in her late teens. Instantly excited and thrilled about her new powers, she taught herself the wiccan ways and became an active demon hunter at night, while going to college during the day.

Meeting the Charmed OnesEdit

While the Charmed Ones faked their deaths to live normal lives, Paige received a new charge. She eventually tracked her down and learned of Billie's secret. When Billie got in over her head with a couple of demons, the sisters rescued her, exposing themselves as the Charmed Ones. The four witches eventually reached a deal, the sisters would teach Billie everything they knew about magic, while Billie kept their secret and hunted demons for them. Billie grew very close to the sisters, in particular Phoebe, with whom she shared a great friendship.

A few months later, Billie had an encounter with a demon that caused the repressed memories of Christy's kidnapping to flood back. For the first time, she now realized that Christy had been kidnapped by a demon. While searching for her sister, Billie gained the new power of Projection. Unable to control this new power, she turned her parents into deadly assassin's while confronting them about her sister.

Billie eventually learned to control her Projection power and tracked down Christy. During the same time, the Charmed Ones learned of a coming Ultimate Battle and Piper had to go through the loss of her husband, Leo, as part of the battle to end all battles. Finally reunited with her sister, Billie and the Charmed Ones were unaware that Christy had actually been raised and trained by the Triad to kill the sisters. In Christy's mind, the sisters had become evil and selfish due to their power.


Billie reunited with Christy.

The Triad later had two invincible demons kill Billie and Christy's parents as a part of their plan to manipulate them into fighting the Charmed Ones. When the two sisters joined together to vanquish the demons, the truth was revealed. They were the Ultimate Power. The death of parents, as well as Christy's manipulation eventually caused Billie to turn on the Charmed Ones.

The Ultimate BattleEdit

Christy brought her younger sister to Magic School, which was overrun with demons. There she introduced her to Dumain, whom Billie once thought was an imaginary friend in her childhood. In reality, Dumain was a demon working for the Triad. Together with Christy, they convinced Billie that stopping the sisters was the right thing to do. Due to their manipulation, the three of them were able to turn the entire Magical Community against the Charmed Ones.


The Ultimate battle

After several failed attempts, Dumain told the sisters that in order to win the Ultimate battle, they would have to summon The Hollow and absorb Wyatt's powers as well. However, unknown to them, a demon working with the Charmed Ones informed them of their plan. In the end, both sets of sisters summoned a part of the Hollow. The battle following destroyed the Halliwell manor and cost the lives of Christy, Phoebe and Paige.

The survivors, Billie and Piper, both traveled back in time to prevent this outcome. However, once Billie was reunited with her sister, she realized that Christy was working with the Triad and had been manipulating her all along. Billie returned to the Charmed Ones and explained what had happened. Eventually, the Charmed Ones vanquished both the Triad and Dumain, but Christy refused to surrender. When Christy attacked her, Billie was forced to defend herself, vanquishing her sister with her own power.

The Closing Chapter Edit

Six months later, Billie was still distraught about what had happened. While at her dorm room, she was suddenly confronted by the appearance of Christy, who swore to take revenge against the Charmed Ones. Billie was forced to contact the sisters for the first time after the battle to warn them.

When Billie arrived at the manor, Piper became furious, causing Billie to run off. Eventually Phoebe caught up with her and used her newly returned power of Empathy to ease Billie's pain. Meanwhile the Elders appeared before the Charmed Ones, asking them to reclaim Magic School. Phoebe brought Billie back to the manor, where Billie explained what had happened. While preparing to go to Magic School, Billie got a message from an unknown spirit, guiding her to a power stripping potion.

Once in Magic School, the Charmed Ones cleared out the demons while Billie confronted her sister. Christy explained that she had become an Astral Being, due to her telepathy allowing her mind to survive her body being destroyed. Christy then possessed Billie and confronted the Charmed Ones. While trying to hold off Christy, Phoebe reached out to Billie with her Empathy, allowing Billie to take control over her body. She then used the power stripping potion to strip the powers of both Christy and herself. With her powers gone, Christy was finally able to move on to the afterlife in peace.

With Christy at peace and because of her selfless actions, The Charmed Ones, most particular Piper, were finally able to fully forgive Billie for her actions and their friendship was restored. However, Billie was now a mortal, and had made peace with finally being able to live a normal life.


When the Elders decided that a new force of good was needed to replace the retired Charmed Ones, they suggested Billie to lead this new generation of good. The Elder Sandra contacted Paige and told her of their decision. Paige was initially reluctant, as Billie was finally able to lead a normal life. However, Billie herself ultimately agreed with the Elders, having missed her magic and being able to save innocents, and cast a spell written by the Elders to restore her magic and power of telekinesis.

Billie learned that is was her new Destiny to form the Chosen, a coven of witches meant to fill the void in the forces of good left by the Charmed Ones. With help from Paige and the whitelighter Mikelle, Billie met fellow witch Duncan Phillips and later found the newly activated witch Violet Morgan. Together, they vanquished a Grimlock that was killing victims around their campus. Ultimately it was revealed that the Grimlock served as a final test by the Elders, to see if they could trust Billie again.

In "The Firestarter", the Chosen helped find and save Tyler, a young Firestarter who was chased by demons. Meanwhile, Billie struggled with telling her new friends about her troubled past, though she eventually realized she could trust them and informed them of her past mistakes.

The WendigoEdit

In "Under the Full Moon", Billie and Violet sought to free Duncan from a curse after he was infected by a Wendigo. During this time, she noticed that Violet was crushing on Duncan and tried to convince her to ask him out. Meanwhile a guy named Craig asked Billie out and she found herself drawn to a mysterious police inspector named Jake Porter but did not trust him. After breaking into his apartment, she discovered that he was in fact a Witch Hunter, but was forced to work with him to save her friend. Violet later discovered that Craig was the Wendigo and they teamed up with Jake to vanquish him, breaking the curse.

After saving his life, Billie felt something for Jake, but he quickly cut her off by telling her that they were not friends or allies, since he still did not like magic. Later, Billie was there to support Violet with her heartbreak after Duncan turned her down by telling her he was gay.

The TitanEdit

In "Rise of the Titan", Billie and the others were called upon to stop the Titan Prometheus and met the current Guardian of Pandora's Box, Hope. After working together, they managed to stop Prometheus and another member of The Brotherhood, the Harpy Queen was vanquished. During this time, Billie became good friends with Hope.

Survivor IslandEdit

Along with the other Chosen, Billie was trapped on Survivor Island in the warlock Bacarra's revival of "Witch Wars". On the island, Billie ran into Jake. After escaping Swarm Demons and a Darklighter, they spent the night in a cave and slept together. They were then attacked by a Hellhound until they managed to reunite with the others. The Chosen vanquished the Hellhound and escaped the island. However, when they confronted Bacarra, he escaped. Jake then told Billie could not be with her and left.

The Gemini FactorEdit

Some time later, Billie realized she had been neglecting her friendship with Taylor and set out to fix it. However, she became distracted when a pair of warlock twins were sent to distract them and almost framed them for robbing a bank. She and the others later defeated the warlocks, but allowed them to escape after finding out Bacarra was behind it all. Meanwhile, Taylor was angry that Billie abandoned her at P3 to chase the warlocks and ended their friendship. Unknown to Billie, she was then kidnapped by Klea to be sacrificed in a ritual.

City of Darkness Edit

When the city was imprisoned in a magical dome, Billie and her friends organized a resistance in P3. On the ninth day, Billie went to look for provisions, but she was attacked by hellhounds, and was rescued by Tyler Michaels.

Billie, Hope and Tyler went to destroy a nest of vampires, but Billie was attacked by her friend Taylor who had been turned into a vampire by Irena. Taylor attacked Billie determined to kill her, and she could not defend herself effectively because it was devastated by guilt, for what had happened to her friend. Irena managed to escape, and Taylor would kill Billie if Jake had not intervened; the latter scolded Billie for hesitating in front of Taylor and the two ended up arguing. Jake returned with them to the P3 and soon after they were assaulted by the forces of the Brotherhood. Mikelle and Violet managed to stop the attack, but unfortunately the first was killed by Klea.

Billie was devoured by rage and decided to take revenge on Klea; since their allies had been kidnapped by vampires, the Chosen went to free them; Irena was soon killed by Taylor, and Billie took advantage of the others' unconsciousness, to go to the town hall and kill Klea.

She succeeded, but Klea poisoned her and died if Paige had not treated her in time.

Duncan and Jake scolded her for it; with the destruction of the brotherhood, even the dome was destroyed, and Billie declared that he wanted to leave the chosen ones and no longer want to have friends.

Vision Quest Edit

Billie went to the cemetery and was joined by Duncan and Violet who persuaded her to do a Vision Quest.

Her search turned out to be a judicial process to see if she really deserved the blame or not. Her spiritual guide was Mikelle. She eventually accepted what happened and was cleared of all the charges. Mikelle then showed her several flashes of the future before she left.

When she woke up, Billie clashed with Makayla Porter in a fight without her powers, as Mac blocked them with amulets. However, when the amulets were destroyed, Billie was able to overwhelm her.

The witches and Jake then discussed what to do with Mac. Since they did not want to kill her, they decided to strip her memories with a spell and replace them with false memories, so Mac would leave them alone. Later, Billie and Jake finally admitted their feelings towards each other and started a relationship.

Las Vegas Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Billie using telekinesis on nunchucks


Billie concentrating to use Projection

Basic Powers

  • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew magical potions.
  • Scrying: The ability to locate beings or objects with a crystal and a map.

Active Powers

  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects and beings with the mind. Billie can use this power to increase her physical strength and agility and redirect magical attacks. It was her first power and the one she is most skilled with. She once lost it, but it was restored by the Elders.
    • Advanced Telekinesis: The ability to unleash destructive waves of telekinetic energy, capable of instantly disintegrating demons.
  • Levitation: The ability to defy gravity and rise up into the air. She initially struggled to control it properly, but has since then managed to master it.

Passive Powers

  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to physical and magical harm.

Former Powers

  • Projection: The ability to alter reality by simply thinking about it or wishing something to happen. This power made Billie part of the Ultimate Power. It was eventually stripped through a potion.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • All Billie's powers, with the exception of her former Projection, are based on and connected through movement.
  • Billie spent almost a year as a mortal after losing her powers in "The Closing Chapter". Her powers were restored in "Chosen, A New Chapter".
  • Billie has a type, which is bad boys and dangerous men, as evident by her romances with Witch Hunter Jake Porter and the former criminal, half-warlock Nick Ross.