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Astral Premonitions are premonitions in which the user astrally projects their consciounsess in the premonition and thus indirectly into another time. Users are able to move within and interact with beings in the premonition. However, this means that they can get hurt within the premonition, which also inflicts damage to the real body.


Phoebe Halliwell experienced an astral premonition several times. She first experienced it when her power was enhanced by a Gypsy talisman called the Evil Eye. She was injured in her premonition, which also injured her physically and required Leo to heal her.

Phoebe later developed this power on her own and astral projected into a future created by the Avatars, where she saw Utopia and met her future daughter. She also had a conversation with her future self once. Years later, she had an astral premonition which revealed she was pregnant and revealed the name of her daughter.

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Premonition is the ability to perceive premonitions of the past, present or future. This power is usually triggered by touching beings or objects or being in their presence.

Astral ProjectionEdit

Astral Projection is the ability to project the consciousness outside of the body in astral or corporeal form. Users will be able to project their consciousness elsewhere while the body will be left unconscious.

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