Amanda Freeman
Biographical information

Mayor of San Francisco

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Magical characteristics
Magic items

Ruby Amulet


San Francisco



Character information
First appearance

Chosen Chapter 7: City of Darkness

Last appearance

Chosen Chapter 15: We Have History

Portrayed by

Angela Bassett

"About how we’re going to protect this city for the threat of magic, starting with those witches that always seem to be involved."
—The mayor to Agent Murphy.

Amanda Freeman is the mayor of San Francisco in 2008. She is a stern and confident woman, causing many to view her as heartless or be intimidated by her. She is aware of the existence of magic and possesses a mysterious ruby amulet.


After her city was overtaken by the Brotherhood, the mayor worked with Agent Murphy to control the situation. She was later confronted by the demon Klea and offered a deal. Seeing no other alternative, the mayor agreed. However, the Brotherhood was subsequently vanquished by the Chosen. The mayor suspected that forces of magic would erase the memories of mortals, though her amulet would prevent this. She then met with agent Murphy again and told him she wanted to protect the city from magic, starting with the witches.

In order to rid her city of witches, the mayor hired witch hunter Makayla Porter. However, when one of her sources later spotted the witches, the mayor knew she had failed and decided more drastic measures were needed.

The mayor ordered a team of scientists to create a virus deadly to the magical community after the demon Margoyle was found with a virus created by the government. She presented her work to Agent Murphy, whom she believed to be on her side. However, Murphy asked the Chosen to help destroy the virus as he didn't want good people to get infected. The mayor and her armed guards confronted them at the lab, though she was shocked to discover that one of her scientists, Ramsey Tate, had magically escaped with the virus.


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