Agility is the ability to possess magically enhanced agility. Users are more agile than other beings and can move with heightened balance and precision. Additionally, they may possess heightened reflexes, allowing them to react and move faster than normally possible.

Accessing AgilityEdit

Natural AgilityEdit

Several magical beings possess a degree of natural agility due to their physical attributes, often in combination with enhanced strength and enhanced speed. Examples are vampires and Scavenger Demons, which are both capable of amazing feats through their agility. Guardians of Pandora's Box also possess heightened agility in combat.


Several users of Telekinesis have shown to be able to use their power to increase their own physical strength and speed, thus granting them agility. These users often combine their power with martial arts or gymnastics to become skilled fighters capable of handling physical combat. 


Users of Levitation may access agility through their power to dodge attacks and increase the impact of their own hits. Combining this ability with martial arts or gymnastics will allow the user to perform nearly inhuman feats. 

List of UsersEdit

Natural skill
Through powers

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