Aerokinesis is the ability to generate and manipulate wind and the air itself. Users of this power can create powerful winds, as well as twisters and hurricanes. This power can also be used to generate blasts of concussive energy.


In its basic form, Aerokinesis can be used to generate and manipulate wind. Users of this power can create strong winds to send objects and beings flying. Aerokinesis can also be used to create powerful twisters and hurricanes.



Shax firing a blast of wind

Blowing is the ability to unleash a blast of wind from the mouth. Users can use this power by bringing their palm to their mouth and blowing, creating a strong wind. This power was possessed by a demonic child, whose power was strong enough to send the Charmed Ones flying back.

Concussive BlastsEdit

Aerokinesis can also be used to fire blasts on concussive energy, which is the most deadly aspect of this power. The demonic assassin Shax used this power to kill Prue Halliwell. Shax could fire blasts powerful enough to send his victims crashing through walls.

List of UsersEdit